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FISH HAWK Fish Hawk X4 System

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The X4's proven reliability and wireless technology make it the number #1 selling speed and temp system on the market today! The X4 shows trolling speed and water termperature at the downrigger ball and the surface. Upgraded for 2016, the X4 now features our 3-level adjustable red backlight that prevents night blindness. Letting you see the display clearly without compromising safety on the water. Easy to install and simple to operate, the X4 gives you the information you need to consistently catch fish!

The system includes: X4 Probe, Magnum Digit Display, transducer with bracket, 12-volt power cable, mounting gimbal bracket, foul weather cover and breakaway cannonball safety cable.


  • Deep water, wireless transmission guaranteed to 300-feet
  • Wireless data transmission, sends data via a sonar signal
  • Works with any downrigger cable including superbraids, coated cable not needed!
  • New adjustable red back light eliminates night blindness when fishing in the dark
  • Operates at unique frequency of 70KHz
  • Sealed probe electronics, totally leak-proof
  • Water activated probe, auto-on and auto-off
  • 100+ hour life on 4 AA batteries
  • Cannonball breakaway safety cable and rubber probe bumper included
  • LCD with Magnum sized digits that can be seen from the back of the boat
  • Made in the USA
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