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Shimano Calcutta Conquest

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Reel Shimano Calcutta Conquest - description

The benchmark for heavy-duty performance and durability, the Shimano Calcutta Conquest A Casting Reel is loaded with the most advanced features and cutting-edge technologies that Shimano has to offer. Housed in a rugged, yet lightweight KN Body, the Shimano Calcutta Conquest A Casting Reels are equipped with a Variable Brake Adjustment (VBS) system that virtually eliminates backlashes, and allows angler to adjust to changing conditions without sacrificing distance or accuracy.

Among other noticeable upgrades, the Shimano Calcutta Conquest A Casting Reel is fitted with a synchronized levelwind and offered in a faster gear ratio, so you can catch up to fast moving fish in a hurry. Ensuring long-lasting performance in all enviroments, the Shimano Calcutta Conquest A Casting Reel boasts Shielded Anti-Rust Bearing and Coreprotect technology, which works to protect against wearing and corrosion. Redefining durability and performance, the Shimano Calcutta Conquest A Casting Reel pairs round reel architecture with a collection of advanced Shimano technologies to achieve unbridled performance.

Reel Shimano Calcutta Conquest - features:

  • Micro module gear
  • Hagane body
  • X-ship
  • S A-RB
  • Shimano stable spool design (S3D)
  • Super free spool
  • VBS
  • Cross carbon drag
  • S-compat body
  • E-exciting drag sound
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CTCNQ201 12+1 6,2:1 265 €419.00 Kiekis ribotas
CTCNQ301A 12+1 6,2:1 340 €419.00 Kiekis ribotas


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