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ANRE'S / PALMS Egeria Area

€159.00 - €196.00
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English, Lithuatian, Russian



“Egeria Area performance” is a basic rod for artificial pond fishing. The rod is designed for a wide range of anglers and it assists your fishing all the day.

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Item Action Length, ft/m Lure WT., g. Pcs. Test, lb Price In order, pcs.
ESSS-61XUL ExFast 6'1"/1,85 0,6-3,0 2 1-3 €159.00 Backorder
ESSS-64UL Fast 6'4"/1,93 0,8-3,5 2 1,5-4 €196.00 Backorder
ESSS-64XUL ExFast 6'4"/1,93 0,6-3,5 2 1-3 €196.00 Backorder

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