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Warrior Elite Standart UV

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Elite Standart UV

  • length: 100 mm,
  • made in USA,
  • manufactured: Warrior
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Item Color Lenght, mm Price In order, pcs.
ST097N ELITE BLUE PEARL UV 100 €6.90 Limited stock
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ST157N BLUE YELLOW DOLPHIN UV 100 €6.90 Backorder
ST158N RASPBERRY DOLPHIN UV 100 €6.90 Limited stock
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ST160N LEMON ICE-UV 100 €6.90 Limited stock
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ST161N DR DEATH UV 100 €6.90 Backorder
ST162N PURPLE ALEWIFE UV 100 €6.90 Backorder
ST165N SALMON CANDY UV 100 €6.90 Backorder
ST169N WHITE PEARL UV 100 €6.90 In stock
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ST171N BLUE GREEN DOLPHIN UV 100 €6.90 Backorder
ST173N LUDINGTON WATERMELON 100 €6.90 Backorder
ST177N CLIMAX 100 €6.90 Limited stock
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ST178N COLVILLE CRUSHER 100 €6.90 Backorder
ST180N 3 DAYS AT SEA 100 €6.90 Backorder
ST181N NAKED NATALEE 100 €6.90 Backorder
ST182N FIN-GIRL 100 €6.90 Backorder
ST183N SPACE CADET 100 €6.90 Backorder

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