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Michigan Stinger Dive Bomb

€4.95 - €14.30
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Michigan Stinger Dive Bombs are an add-on trolling sinker that can be attached anywhere on your line. The Dive Bombs have a stainless steel keel with a slot in it that can be placed over your fishing line after your bait or lure has been attached and placed into the water. Once the dive bomb has been placed on your fishing line a soft tapered pin is inserted from the rear of the dive bomb to secure the weight in place on your line. Any diameter of fishing line or line type can be used. The dive bomb will not injure copper line or lead core trolling line. When lowered into the water the front lip of the dive bomb acts live a diving planer or lip of a crank bait and helps achieve a greater depth. The shape of the dive bomb prevents it from spiraling and twisting your fishing line. The general rule is that a dive bomb will get your lure 50% deeper than a sinker of the same weight.

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