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Jackson CYMO

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English, Lithuatian, Russian


Unknown method that the three-dimensional face and the plane body bring about.

The metal viveration that was assumed to attack widely and deeply in wide ereas from mountain streams, middle reaches, lakes and to fish ponds. It has three line eyes(hoke), are selectively used for each field. The first eye from the front is for mountain streams and middle reaches, set hard to swim intentionally. It is for preventing from floating up, aim to attack deeper points by reducing lifting power caused by swimming. The interesting uses are to attack on surface then fall into plunge pool, or attack on bottom of midstream and show carefully. The second is for still water. It is suitable for searching at wide area quickly swimming the speed of medium retrieve. Since the range of adjustment is relatively easy, it can manage various fields. The third is for a fish pond, and slow retrieve setting. In a pound type area, it is able to explore bottom of wide range slowly. It can cover wider and deeper range than a spoon. Hook triple hooks in front, a single hook of barbless to rear are installed. By using a single hook in the rear, it isd improved the response and reduced the tangle of line during fall. It is also available in the area of single one hook regulation if the front hook removed.



  • length: 45,0 mm,
  • weight: 6,0 g.
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JKS-CYMO6-CAY CAY 45 6 €7.40 Limited stock
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JKS-CYMO6-CTA CTA 45 6 €7.40 Backorder
JKS-CYMO6-CWY CWY 45 6 €7.40 Limited stock
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JKS-CYMO6-LNM LNM 45 6 €7.40 Backorder
JKS-CYMO6-MBY MBY 45 6 €7.40 Backorder
JKS-CYMO6-MKY MKY 45 6 €7.40 Backorder
JKS-CYMO6-MPY MPY 45 6 €7.40 Backorder
JKS-CYMO6-MYA MYA 45 6 €7.40 Limited stock
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JKS-CYMO6-PKY PKY 45 6 €7.40 Backorder
JKS-CYMO6-SMY SMY 45 6 €7.40 In stock
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