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Top water plug is popularized these days. Not only see exciting biting scene but also overwhelming fish result can be expected. Cyarl Float works well on when trout aim on surface. Such as dawn and sunrise, Feeding time, Insects hatching is the right time for Cyarl Float.



  • lenght: 25.0 mm,
  • weigth: 1.9 g,
  • floating (F),
  • depth: 0.0-0.0m,
  • made in Japan,
  • manufactured: Jackson
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Item Color Depth, m Lenght, mm Type Weight, g Price In order, pcs.
JKS-CYF-AMG AMG 0,0-0,0 25 F 1.9 €11.99 Backorder
JKS-CYF-BRP BRP 0,0-0,0 25 F 1.9 €11.99 Backorder
JKS-CYF-MTB MTB 0,0-0,0 25 F 1.9 €11.99 Limited stock
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JKS-CYF-OLP OLP 0,0-0,0 25 F 1.9 €11.99 In stock
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JKS-CYF-TCG TCG 0,0-0,0 25 F 1.9 €11.99 Backorder

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