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Shimano Corvalus

€82.54 - €89.00
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Reel Shimano Corvalus - description

Corvalus - a versatile multiplier with built in level wind, it is ideal for freshwater trolling and can also cast and retrieve an array of lure styles in the medium to heavy category. The Variable Brake System (VBS) keeps overruns to a bare minimum, and the Ergonomic thumb bar spool release allows instant casting to moving targets or quick release when trolling.

Reel Shimano Corvalus - characteristics

  • Models: 301, 400, 401
  • Bearings: 3 Shielded Stainless Steel + 1 Roller Bearing
  • Handle: double
  • Body material: diecast aluminium
  • Spool material: duraluminium
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Item Bearings Ratio Weight, g Лесоемкость мм/м Price In order, pcs.
CVL301 3+1 5,2:1 309 0,3/245 €89.00 Backorder
CVL400 3+1 5,2:1 335 0,45/270 €82.54 Backorder
CVL401 3+1 5,2:1 335 0,45/270 €89.00 In stock
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