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Pontoon21 Bet-A Vib 48 Nano Sound

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Bet-A Vib is a small, carefully designed and diverse according to its functions crank without a lip. A typical form of the PONTOON21 Bet-A series is clearly seen in a compact Bet-A Vib. It has a family trait of all Pontoon21 vibs – a finlet on the back made of resilient plastic. This finlet is responsible for emitting vibrations in vertical and horizontal retrieve. It doesn’t break – plastic is resilient and thick enough.

When Bet-A Vib was being designed, it was taken into account that they will be widely used in winter, that is why a lot of attention was paid to its “winter” qualities. Thus, currently Bet-A Vib and a similar series of Kalikana rattlins are the only representatives of Vibration lures, designed, first of all, for vertical fishing. They perfectly work in different conditions and in different water levels.

P21 Vibs have a greater item weight than most of their analogs, which, undoubtedly, have an impact on the appliance of these interesting lures.

Bet-A Vib: fishing with a spinning rod

Bet-A Vib is a compact and long-range lure, enabling to explore the water column effectively. Being easy to use, it works in different variants of presentation. Moreover, it is compatible with lines and braided lines of big diameters.

The main retrieve recommended for fishing for pike, zander, perch and Volga zander with this rattling is twitching. Sometime predator like when the lure touches the bottom from time to time. And sometimes a simple monotonous retrieve may become very effective. Trying different types of retrieves, varying power and amplitude of your jerks, pauses, you may adapt to fish. And experimenting with the sizes and colors of lures, you may adapt to the type and size of prey that predator prefer.

The most appropriate depth for Bet-A Vib is 3-6 meters.

Fishing with Bet-A Vib rattlin

Currently, Bet-A Vib and Kalikana Vib are the only representatives of Vibration lures in the world, first of all, designed for vertical fishing. They perfectly work in different water levels.

It should be pointed out that Bet-A Vib, being a winter rattlin, is a lure intended for active fish. Its action is not aggressive enough, the rattlin instantly turns round in the extreme points points of its trajectory.

Vey often, simple monotonous presentation is the most effective one – movements up and down almost without pauses.

At this presentation Bet-A Vib rattlin floats not far from the ice-hole. It may be very comfortable if you fish in limited space full of junk. In this case the lure won’t be catching on plants, snags and other obstacles too often.

Being a rattlin for pike, Bet-A Vib proved itself to be excellent in various places full of junk, local places. But while fishing for zander and perch in winter, very often you need to move the lure from its main trajectory, especially, if we are talking about the middle of winter and we need a point, but aggressive cast of the lure.

In air Bet-A Vib takes horizontal position and it retains it in water.

Bet-A Vib rattlins are equipped with two high-quality treble hooks Owner ST-36BC and split rings of the same quality. However, for casting in places full of junk, you’d better replace at least the front treble hook with a double one, especially if you want your lure to touch the bottom from time to time. Thus, the lure will be catching on less often.

The lure comes in two variants: with a special capsule emitting noise (NanoSoundNS in its name) and without it (SilentSL in its name).

Also, Bet-A Vib comes in three sizes and has a wide set of colors: every model has 15 colors, as well as Doublet – one side is golden, the other side is silver.

Characteristics Bet-A Vib:

Bet-A Vib 48 Nano Sound

  • length: 48,0 mm,
  • weight: 5,6 g,
  • sinking (S)
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P21-BetaVIB-48NS-001F 001F 48 S 5.6 €7.35 In stock
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P21-BetaVIB-48NS-005F 005F 48 S 5.6 €7.35 Backorder
P21-BetaVIB-48NS-007F 007F 48 S 5.6 €7.35 In stock
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P21-BetaVIB-48NS-013F 013F 48 S 5.6 €7.35 In stock
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P21-BetaVIB-48NS-018F 018F 48 S 5.6 €7.35 In stock
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P21-BetaVIB-48NS-020F 020F 48 S 5.6 €7.35 In stock
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P21-BetaVIB-48NS-026F 026F 48 S 5.6 €7.35 Backorder
P21-BetaVIB-48NS-042F 042F 48 S 5.6 €7.35 Backorder
P21-BetaVIB-48NS-052F 052F 48 S 5.6 €7.35 In stock
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P21-BetaVIB-48NS-070F 070F 48 S 5.6 €7.35 In stock
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P21-BetaVIB-48NS-075F 075F 48 S 5.6 €7.35 In stock
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P21-BetaVIB-48NS-111F 111F 48 S 5.6 €7.35 In stock
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P21-BetaVIB-48NS-A12F A12F 48 S 5.6 €7.35 Backorder
P21-BetaVIB-48NS-A17F A17F 48 S 5.6 €7.35 In stock
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P21-BetaVIB-48NS-R60F R60F 48 S 5.6 €7.35 In stock
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