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Scotty Bait Board

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No. 455 Bait Board & Accessory Tray

The Scotty 455 is the ultimate multi-purpose workspace for all your tool, tackle, and gear prep needs. Quickly mount the 455 to any of our post mounts, enabling storage for all of your fishing favorites with the built-in lure and accessory rack.

Quick and easy access to everything you need is now conveniently at your finger tips. Exterior tray walls let you cut bait and prep lures in a tidy, contained space. Keep knives, pliers, hook sharpeners and other sharp objects organized in between use for added safety.

You can easily customize your 455 to the right height and angle by attaching any Scotty adjustable extender, such as the 429 Gear Head Mount Extender. Mount the durable board to your kayak with our 453 Gimbal Mount Adapter.

The 455 comes with a universal post base, to fit any of our Rod Holder Mounts and Adapters.

So go ahead and speed through the prep work. Spend more time fighting the fish, and not the fishing gear!

Board Dimensions: 9.5” x 12.25” x 1.75”

* ( Mounts, Extenders, Camera Mount, Fish Finder Mount, Cup Holder and accessories sold seperately.)

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