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Shimano 2019 Vanquish FB

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Reel Shimano 2019 Vanquish FB - description

The new 2019 VANQUISH is the flagship reel of the QUICK RESPONSE series. The QUICK RESPONSE series is about lightweight, light rotation (low inertia) and high sensitivity. Light rotation (low spool inertia) is achieved by the unique Magnumlite Rotor design. High sensitivity is achieved by the combination of Silent Drive and Micromodule Gear II. Because of the light weight and sensitivity of this reel, it is perfect in use for light to (ultra) light fishing techniques for species like perch, trout and zander. However, the Vanquish comes in many sizes and can be used for many different techniques and species.

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Item Bearings Ratio Weight, g Price In order, pcs.
VQ2500SFB 11+1 5,1:1 145 €379.00 Backorder
VQ2500SHGF B 11+1 6,0:1 165 €379.00 Backorder
VQ4000MHGF B 11+1 5,8:1 205 €379.00 Limited stock
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VQC2000SFB 11+1 5,1:1 145 €379.00 Backorder
VQC2500SHGFB 11+1 5,3:1 165 €379.00 Backorder
VQC3000FB 11+1 5,3:1 170 €379.00 Backorder

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