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GAD 2019 Harrier

€98.90 - €158.90
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GAD Harrier

GAD opens the season of 2019 with new improved rods and Harrier series deserves to be the first in this list. Even at first sight, one can notice that rods became more exquisite. It’s important, however, that their durability and reliability were preserved at all the stages of fishing. Carefully correcting parameters and components, engineers managed to increase sensitivity, reduce the whole weight, improve manageability.

On a note:

GAD Harrier of 2019 – this is the latest example of such appreciated and at the same time rare in our times – top-quality performance. The engineers paid so much attention to the durability while creating this “working horse”. It contradicts the desire of many trade marks to follow the trend, namely super-sensitivity, “weightlessness” and flamboyant design. Harrier is not like that, which is good.

GAD 2019 Harrier features:

  • Guides: new Fuji Tangle Free K-series guides with Fazlite rings.
  • Reel holders on spinning rods – VSS, and casting ones – ECSM.
  • The handle is split, material – solid EVA. Ergonomics of each handle is improved – the geometry of its elements is changed a bit in comparison with the previous series.
  • The blank material is a combination of medium- and high-module materials of a new generation, produced by Korean company Hankuk, based on the carbon yarns by the “TORAY” company (Japan).
  • Secure joint connection Put Over.
  • Harrier specializes in Extra Fast action and, first and foremost, they are intended for jigging. Models with Fast action enable to control lures of different types. Short models (up to 7’6” feet long, 2,28 m) are more relevant for jigheads presentation while longer models are considered to be universal ones.
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Item Action Length, ft/m Lure WT., g. Pcs. Test, lb Price In order, pcs.
HAS662MF Fast 6'6"/1,98 5,0-25,0 2 8-17 €115.50 Backorder
HAS662ULF Fast 6'6"/1,98 1,0-7,0 2 3-6 €98.90 Backorder
HAS702LF Fast 7'/2,13 2,0-12,0 2 4-10 €109.90 In stock
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HAS702MF Fast 7'/2,13 5,0-25,0 2 8-17 €122.50 In stock
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HAS702MHF Fast 7'/2,13 12,0-45,0 2 12-25 €126.90 In stock
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HAS702MLF Fast 7'/2,13 3,5-16 2 6-12 €98.90 In stock
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HAS702MMHF Fast 7'/2,13 10,5-35 2 10-20 €119.60 In stock
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HAS762MF Fast 7'6"/2,28 5,0-25,0 2 8-17 €130.90 In stock
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HAS762MLXF ExFast 7'6"/2,28 4,0-16,0 2 8-17 €126.90 In stock
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HAS762MXF ExFast 7'6"/2,28 5,0-25,0 2 8-17 €133.40 In stock
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HAS802HXF ExFast 8'/2,44 15-60 2 8-17 €158.90 In stock
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HAS802MHXF ExFast 8'/2,44 12,0-45,0 2 12-25 €149.90 In stock
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HAS802MXF ExFast 8'/2,44 5,0-25,0 2 8-17 €136.50 Backorder

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