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GAD 2019 Chaser

€113.50 - €168.90
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GAD® Chaser – a series of multi-purpose universal spinning and baitcasting rods. While designing them, special attention was drawn to high tactile sensitivity and comfortable fishing. "Japanese type" can be traced in all models of the series: lightness and balance, resilience and blank ability to make long-range casts of the form.

In its new version 2019 GAD Chaser acquired some changes both in its construction and design.

There were some changes implemented into the blank construction, to build it the same high-module graphite was used, but this time it had different fiber characteristics. New Fuji FazLite guides with anti-tangle frame construction only underlined all the improved qualities of these blanks.

Fazlite rings are perfectly adapted for braided lines (braid-proof), they have a distinguishing feature – they are silk smooth, also they are strong and resilient enough. Having traditionally secure gear, Fuji can increase the range of the cast and sensitivity of the whole tackle. Anti-tangling Fuji FazLite guides, minimizing any troubles with the line, undergo a special process called Corrosion control. As a result, they become 7 times more resilient to corrosion than stainless steel.

The geometry of the handle has changed too, some elements have been replaced, as well as, the sizes of reel seats meant for different models. Traditionally, Fuji VSS are used for spinning rods, and in the models with a multiplier (baitcasting) reels – Fuji ACS.

On the whole, it is still good, old, elegant Gad Chaser, which has become so popular among fishermen from different continents. The model set is clearly classified according to their purpose. Fast Action rods are universal and work well both with lures of various types, as well as, spoons, spinners, minnow and crank baits. Especially well fast action rods works with “Twiching” technique. If you need a rod well adapted for jigging, first and foremost, Extra Fast Action models are second to none.

A wide range of different sizes and tests enables to choose a model for most situations –from on-shore fishing at small rivers or ponds up to boat fishing at small artificial lakes.

GAD 2019 Chaser features:

  • Individual construction for every model,
  • High-module graphite material, manufactured by the Korean company Hankook on the basis of carbon yarns by the Japanese holding TORAY,
  • Fuji K-series guides with Tangle Free mechanisms (anti-tangling construction) with FazLite inputs,
  • A comfortable handle combining high-quality cork and wear resistant EVA material of high hardness bases of Fuji VSS reel seat in spinning rods and Fuji ACS in casting ones.
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Item Action Length, ft/m Lure WT., g. Pcs. Test, lb Price In order, pcs.
CHS692ULF Fast 6'9"/2,05 1,7-7,0 2 3-6 €129.90 In stock
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CHS692XULX F ExFast 6'9"/2,05 1,0-5,0 2 2-5 €113.50 Backorder
CHS712LF Fast 7'1"/2,15 2,0-10,5 2 4-10 €129.90 In stock
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CHS712MLF Fast 7'1"/2,15 3,0-14,0 2 5-12 €132.50 In stock
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CHS712MLXF ExFast 7'1"/2,15 4,0-14,0 2 5-12 €135.90 Limited stock
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CHS712MMF Fast 7'1"/2,15 4,0-18,0 2 6-15 €132.50 In stock
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CHS712ULXF ExFast 7'1"/2,15 1,8-8,0 2 3-6 €129.90 Backorder
CHS732LXF ExFast 7'3"/2,2 2,0-10,5 2 4-10 €132.50 In stock
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CHS732MF Fast 7'3"/2,2 7,0-24,0 2 8-17 €135.90 In stock
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CHS732MMH F Fast 7'3"/2,2 10,5-35,0 2 10-20 €141.90 In stock
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CHS732MMXF ExFast 7'3"/2,2 4,0-18,0 2 6-15 €141.90 In stock
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CHS762MHXF ExFast 7'6"/2,28 12,0-46,0 2 12-25 €153.90 In stock
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CHS762MLXF ExFast 7'6"/2,28 4,0-14,0 2 5-12 €141.90 In stock
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CHS762MXF ExFast 7'6"/2,28 7,0-24,0 2 8-17 €141.90 In stock
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CHS792MMH XF ExFast 7'9"/2,36 10,5-35,0 2 10-20 €141.90 In stock
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CHS792MMXF ExFast 7'9"/2,36 4,0-18,0 2 6-15 €141.90 In stock
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CHS832MXF ExFast 8'3"/2,52 7,0-24,0 2 8-17 €141.90 In stock
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CHS862MHXF ExFast 8'6"/2,59 12,0-46,0 2 12-25 €168.90 In stock
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CHS862MMH XF ExFast 8'6"/2,59 10,5-35,0 2 10-20 €163.50 Backorder

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