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Shimano 17' Ultegra FB

€119.00 - €135.00
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Sleek in design but very strong, the Shimano® Ultegra™ Spinning Reel is built for efficiency in all phases. Its streamlined G-Free Body provides superb balance for all-day comfort, while the cold-forged Hagane Gear internals deliver unparalleled smoothness and durability, driven by the rock-solid performance of Shimano's X-Ship double-bearing pinion support system. Exclusive Coreprotect technology seals out water and grime, to keep your reel running at peak smoothness without bogging down; the Aero Wrap Oscillation system delivers perfect line lay, which translates to longer casts and hitch-free drag release. With its 5+1 ball bearing system, quick retrieve rate, and beefed up Max Drag capacity, the Shimano Ultegra offers the responsiveness and feel serious anglers can count on, day in and day out.


  • Sleek but strong; efficiency in all phases,
  • G-Free Body for superb balance,
  • Ultra-durable, cold-forged Hagane Gear,
  • X-Ship double-bearing pinion support system,
  • Coreprotect technology seals out water,
  • Aero Wrap Oscillation for perfect line lay,
  • 5+1 ball bearing system,
  • Beefed up Max Drag power
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Item Bearings Ratio Weight, g Price In order, pcs.
ULT1000FB 5+1 5,0:1 200 €119.00 Limited stock
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ULT2500FB 5+1 5,0:1 240 €129.00 Limited stock
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ULT2500HGF B 5+1 6,0:1 240 €129.00 In stock
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ULT4000FB 5+1 4,8:1 285 €135.00 In stock
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ULT4000XGFB 5+1 6,2:1 285 €135.00 In stock
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ULTC3000FB 5+1 5,0:1 240 €129.00 Limited stock
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ULTC3000HGFB 5+1 6,0:1 240 €129.00 In stock
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