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Shimano 15' Twin Power

€315.00 - €369.00
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The Twin Power meets the serious anglers demand. The key features are rigidity, strong gearing and water resistance. The Hagane high rigidity body creates stiffness and impact resistance eliminating flexing. The power the angler puts on the handle is directed straight into cranking power with maximum efficiency. The Hagane gear is extremely durable and gives long lasting smoothness, strength and power, even in the toughest circumstances. Coreprotect prevents water intrusion into the rotor and body keeping internal parts working perfectly. The 15 Twin Power delivers amazing performance through toughness, precision engineering and innovation.

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Item Bearings Ratio Weight, g Price In order, pcs.
TP2500S 9+1 5,2:1 240 €315.00 Backorder
TP4000PG 9+1 4,4:1 290 €369.00 Backorder
TPC3000 9+1 5,2:1 242 €345.00 Backorder

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