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Daiwa 15' EXIST

€725.00 - €745.00
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The new flagship from DAIWA. The new 15’Exist offers the latest groundbreaking technology features combined with a modern design and empowers you to fulfil your dreams at fishing. The groundbreaking and successful Mag Sealed technology has been further extended at the new Exist – from now on, beyond the handle axis also the side axis is completely sealed with Mag Sealed ball bearings. Thus, the axis is sealed to both sides, which perfectly shields the gear against water intrusion. The line roller, which represents the part of a reel that most frequently gets into contact with water, dirt and salt, is also sealed by Mag Sealed technology. This leads to a considerably smoother running of the Exist compared to conventional reels and a longer lifespan. The use of the exclusive Zaion carbon fiber material for the construction of the rotor and body enables the design of an extremely lightweight spinning reel, which optimally bears the gear within the reel body. Permanent smooth running and fatigue-proof fishing are guaranteed. Even in extreme situations, the new ATD drag system provides the necessary security to instantly hook and land the fish. Compared to conventional drag systems, the ATD drag features no elevated starting resistance and continually maintains the chosen drag power – another milestone regarding reel construction.

Of course also the 15’Exist is made in Japan.


  • REAL FOUR™ Concept,
  • MAGSEALED® axis construction,
  • MAGSEALED® line roller,
  • MAGSEALED® side axis construction,
  • 12 ball bearings (incl. 10 „CRBB®“ and 2 MAGSEALED® ball bearings),
  • ZAION® body,
  • AIR BAIL®,
  • Gyro spin,
  • ATD™ drag system,
  • Silent oscillation system,
  • CNC cut handle,
  • Twist Buster® II line roller,
  • ABS® spool,
  • Made in Japan
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Item Model Bearings Ratio Spare spool Weight, g Price In order, pcs.
10100-250 2500 12+1 4,8:1 no 200 €725.00 Backorder
10100-300 3000 12+1 4,8:1 no 235 €745.00 Backorder

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