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DUO Realis Crank G87

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Crankbait engineering beyond barriers, beyond frontiers, beyond belief

To set yourself apart from the herd in the crankbait market, a company has to take serious its understanding of hydro-dynamics, materials and components. It must also have excellent balance, castability, defection, unique yet proven vibration and low line-tension during retrieves. In 2014, DUO exceeded these challenges and set a bench mark in the process with Realis Crank G87 20A, a true super crank and a true pinnacle of lure engineering.

G87 20A's crank development was carefully put into motion by DUO's R&D team. The need for a crankbait that could truly dive beyond the 20-foot mark and accurately reach its target has been deeply desired by professional anglers. To make a lure dive deep is not a huge challenge. But to make a lure dive and remain balanced, travel (like an arrow) through the air minimally influenced by cross winds and stay within strike zone longer with minimal reeling tension requires precise engineering. DUO's chief designer, Mr. Masahiro Adachi has exceeded expectations.

"During the two year project, our R&D results set the bar for floating deep diving cranks. While most anglers are happy if their deep crank can make a 130 feet cast and blown away when they reach 150 feet, G87 20A consistently hit 200 plus feet with 12 pound test. Testing against some of the top deep cranks presently used by touring pros, we outdistanced some of them as much as 80-feet. Although our lure is advertised at 20 feet, Mr. Adachi's efforts pushed our lure to surpass 27-feet deep in a single cast and retrieve on 12-pound test", says Swendseid.

This superior diving ability can be attributed to the most advanced weight transfer system in deep diving cranking soon to be used on the professional bass circuits. G87's enlarged magnetic ballast carriage hides the casting bearing outside the body cavity, where it`s held by a magnet made of Neodymium, a material considerably stronger than the usual magnesium, necessary due to the size of the bearing.

The 20A's body is approximately 3 inches in length and weighs at 35 grams (1-1/5 oz), with a heavy weight appearance you would think heavy resistance and heavy line tension (during the retrieve) would be apparent traits but it's the opposite. Mr. Adachi was able to reduce hydrodynamic drag from the bait. Mr. Adachi was seeking to create a vehicle that could be pushed distance and driven deep into the darkest abyss without a hint of labor.

The G87 was created for B.A.S.S. Elite, FLW and JB Tour anglers seeking the most efficient deep cranking tool invented. When the professional angler actually fishes the G87 it will nothing like they ever experienced.

The G87, has walked right through what most have called the final barrier in crankbaiting and pioneered a new one. Not only is it the first of its kind in the world -the G87 created a new pinnacle, a new frontier in crankbait engineering.


Realis Crank G87 20A

  • lenght: 87,0 mm,
  • weigth: 35,5 g,
  • floating (F),
  • depth: 5,5-6,3 m,
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Item Color Depth, m Lenght, mm Type Weight, g Price In order, pcs.
DUO-RCR-G87-20A-ACC3007 ACC3007 Hazzard Chart 5,5-6,3 87 F 35.5 €19.99 In stock
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DUO-RCR-G87-20A-ACC3021 ACC3021 Aquacraw 5,5-6,3 87 F 35.5 €19.99 Backorder
DUO-RCR-G87-20A-ACC3049 ACC3049 5,5-6,3 87 F 35.5 €19.99 Backorder
DUO-RCR-G87-20A-ACC3059 ACC3059 5,5-6,3 87 F 35.5 €19.99 Backorder
DUO-RCR-G87-20A-ACC3062 ACC3062 5,5-6,3 87 F 35.5 €19.99 In stock
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DUO-RCR-G87-20A-ACC3079 ACC3079 5,5-6,3 87 F 35.5 €19.99 Backorder
DUO-RCR-G87-20A-ACC3083 ACC3083 American Shad 5,5-6,3 87 F 35.5 €19.99 In stock
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DUO-RCR-G87-20A-ACC3088 ACC3088 5,5-6,3 87 F 35.5 €19.99 Backorder
DUO-RCR-G87-20A-ADA3033 ADA3033 5,5-6,3 87 F 35.5 €19.99 In stock
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DUO-RCR-G87-20A-ADA3058 ADA3058 Prism Gill 5,5-6,3 87 F 35.5 €19.99 In stock
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DUO-RCR-G87-20A-ADA3077 ADA3077 5,5-6,3 87 F 35.5 €19.99 Backorder
DUO-RCR-G87-20A-AJA3055 AJA3055 Chart Gill Halo 5,5-6,3 87 F 35.5 €19.99 Backorder
DUO-RCR-G87-20A-CCC3014 CCC3014 Omnicraw 5,5-6,3 87 F 35.5 €19.99 Limited stock
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DUO-RCR-G87-20A-CCC3034 CCC3034 Protochart 5,5-6,3 87 F 35.5 €19.99 In stock
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DUO-RCR-G87-20A-CCC3064 CCC3064 Gizzard Shad 5,5-6,3 87 F 35.5 €19.99 In stock
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DUO-RCR-G87-20A-CCC3069 CCC3069 Red Tiger 5,5-6,3 87 F 35.5 €19.99 In stock
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DUO-RCR-G87-20A-CCC3114 CCC3114 Pro Blue Ghost II 5,5-6,3 87 F 35.5 €19.99 In stock
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DUO-RCR-G87-20A-CCC3126 ACC3126 Chartreuse Blues 5,5-6,3 87 F 35.5 €19.99 In stock
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DUO-RCR-G87-20A-CCC3176 CCC3176 Morning Dawn 5,5-6,3 87 F 35.5 €19.99 In stock
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DUO-RCR-G87-20A-DRH3094 DRH3094 Komochi Shad 5,5-6,3 87 F 35.5 €19.99 In stock
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DUO-RCR-G87-20A-GEA3006 GEA3006 Ghost Minnow 5,5-6,3 87 F 35.5 €19.99 In stock
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